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Club Dues

DFW Fisk Alumni Club Dues


As alumni of Fisk University, it’s important for us to maintain the legacy of our alma mater. Membership in the DFW Fisk Alumni Club is a way to sustain connection with the University, build and enhance relationships with fellow alumni, and support students.


We invite all Fisk University alumni in the DFW area to join the DFW Fisk Alumni Club. We need your passion, engagement, and commitment to supporting our alma mater, students, alumni, and local community.


General Alumni Association of Fisk University Membership 


The General Alumni Association of Fisk University, Inc. (GAAFU) was incorporated in Nashville, Tennessee in 1985. It is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization whose sole mission is to support Fisk University. A Board of Directors oversees the operations and conducts the business of the GAAFU. The Board of Directors meets four times a year.


Any graduate of Fisk University or a former student whose class has graduated is eligible for membership in the Association. There are two types of membership - Annual and Life.


Click here to pay your GAAFU Annual or Life Membership Dues

PAY DFW Fisk Club Dues



Valid for 12 months


Yearly membership dues are used to support

  • DFW Fisk Alumni Club events

  • Student scholarships

  • Operating budget.

  • Dues are good for one year (May to May)

Click "Pay Now" button to pay by debit card, credit card, or PayPal


Mail a check made out to  DFW Fisk Alumni Club to the address below:

DFW Fisk Alumni Club

5930 Royal Lane Suite E-229

Dallas, TX 75230

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